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Serving the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado, from Aspen to Rifle.



Call for a custom quote if you are located outside of our service area. 

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Expert Consultation

With unique expertise and extraordinary knowledge Zajac Aquatics can help with all your aquatic questions and concerns. Don’t know what kid of fish you want or if a pond is right for your backyard? Let us guide you in making the best decision in choosing a new aquatic set up. 

Having an issue with your current tank? Give us a call and our experts will help you diagnose the problem and come up with the perfect solution. 


 - General Questions including:

           Fish aggression and territorial issues 

           Tank size and type 

           Plants and habitat 


 - Chemistry questions

 - Algae problems

 - Persistent issues

Expert Consultation Body
New Tank Set Up Body

New Tank Set Up

Setting up a new tank can be stressful so avoid the leaks, breaks and dead fish friends. Allow us to do the set up for you! Zajac aquatic will bring all the necessary supplies, chemicals and equipment so you don’t have to. We offer tanks of all sizes and can adapt to your needs.

 - Easy, no hassle Installation 

 - Custom packages for any budget

 - Great Birthday or Christmas present!

Aqua Design Body

Aqua Design

Allow Zajac Aquatics to walk you through the design process. We can help you define your problem or need and come up with ideas and solutions. Want a new pond but don’t know where to start?  Want your current tank to get a new, fresh look? Zajac Aquatics can help.


 - Eye catching tank designs 

 - Elegant systems with pluming and filters hidden

 - Pond Designs including landscaping 

 - Add beauty with natural rock, wood and live plants


Fish Supply

Fish Supply Body

Whether you are getting a new tank or need some new friends for your existing tank, we bring the fish to you! Give us a call and we will guide you on what type of fish best fits your wants and needs. 

 - Saltwater Fish

 - Freshwater fish 

 - Aggressive Fish 

 - Live aquatic plants

 - Live coral

 - Live enemies.

Equipment Installation

Equipment Installation

Let’s be honest fish tank equipment and plumbing is complicated! Allow the experts at Zajac Aquatics to safely and efficiently install, replace or fix your equipment. The key to all happy tanks is a properly functioning life support system so let us ensure everything is working. 


 - Filter Systems

 - Air Pumps & Supplies

 - Tank Backgrounds

 - Tank Canopies & Hoods

 - Lighting & Supplies



Fish and aquatic life require ongoing care and a clean environment. We are here to help with one-time cleaning or continuous maintenance.  We provide services tailored to you and treat every tank based on its unique needs. Call us for a long-term care and cleaning package and you will always have a sparkling tank and healthy fish. 

 - Single Cleaning 

 - Long-Term Maintenance 

  - Customized maintenance packages

Fish Health Services
A Relocation

Fish Health Services

Is there something wrong with your fish friends? The main cause of bad fish health is poor water conditions, but many things may be a factor. Let our experts at Zajac Aquatics identify what is wrong and get your fish happy and healthy again.

 - Fin/tail rot

 - Fungal infections

 - Hole in the head

 - White spots


Aquarium Relocation

Moving can be stressful on you but it is also traumatic for your fish family. Let us take on some of the stress and responsibility for you. We will move your fish and all aquatic life safely and happily into your new home. 

 - Aquarium Take Down

 - Safe Fish Transfer 

 - Set up at new location

A Babysitting

Aquarium Babysitting

Going on vacation? Or just need extra time to ski and want someone to look after your aquatic pets. With Zajac Aquatics you can take personal time without being concerned about your fish family. 

 - Worry Free Fish-Sitting 

 - Expert Feeding and Care 

 - Trusted Local Pet Caregivers 

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