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Our business aims to give high quality aquatic service and we value the lives of the creatures we care for. We handle both Residential and Commercial clients and we are willing to take on any aquatic challenge! Zajac Aquatics specializes in everything from small 10-gallon tanks to full outdoor ponds. If you have ever thought about a freshwater tank for your home, a saltwater reef for your restaurant, or a pond to enhance your landscape, we are here for you!

Kyle Zajac

Owner | Founder

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Kyle Zajac has had a passion for aquatics from a young age. In high school he has almost two thousand gallons in his bedroom! From there he studied biology at Mesa State University and furthered his passion for aquatic life.  His love for the underwater world shows in his work and his enthusiasm inspires your imagination. He has extensive knowledge and experience in ponds, saltwater tanks, reef tanks, aquascaping, freshwater and brackish. Not only will he love your fish, but he will give you all the knowledge behind their wellbeing.

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